The Washington Media Institute – Internship Study Program – Washington DC

The Washington Media Institute is the only internship program where students live in downtown Washington, DC. Living in DC, students have the opportunity to see famous movers and shakers from the media industry up close and personal. Click through this section to find out more about living in Washington, DC and what to expect living in the news capital of the world.

The Washington Media Institute is unique in that this is the ONLY internship program where students live and work right downtown so students can walk or ride the metro to just about anything in literally minutes.

In addition, as part of the Washington Media Institute, students have access to an array of activities in DC. There are also invitation-only special events such as the Kalb Report at the National Press Club held one a month. This award-winning series offers one-on-one conversations and panel discussions on topics of press, politics and public policy. In the past WMI students have had the opportunity to see Rupert Murdoch, Bill O’Reilly, Christian Amanpour, Bob Kostas and Lesley Stahl.

Why participate? The bottom line is this program could help land students a job. At the WMI program students experience:

1. Making connections at networking events

2. Special seminars with industry leaders

3. What its like to work in media through internships

Students walk away with professional skills, ready to enter the career field. Looking for more? This section will show you details on the program components and why its the right program for anyone looking to experience the media industry.

As part of the WMI program students experience:

An internship at a media organization of choice

Unique classes offered only at WMI such as Media Sustainability, New Media Practicum and Covering Washington

Outside of the classroom experience working on projects for local media outlets

Guest speakers visiting the classroom weekly to talk about the current state of the industry and how students may break into the field after graduation

As part of the WMI program students intern 4 days a week at a premier internship, while participating in seminar courses Tuesday nights and all day Friday.

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Dates & Deadlines

Spring 2013 Dates

Semester Dates: January 14 – April 19, 2013

Application Deadline: October 15, 2012

Spring 2012 Courses & Fees

3.0 Credits WMI Seminar

3.0 Credits “Washington’s Transforming Media” Course

6.0 Credits WMI Internship

Total: 12 Credit Hours

Fall Tuition: $10,400

Housing: $5,300 (plus $200 refundable deposit)


Please note students must participate in both the course and internship components to enroll in the program.

Each semester nearly 75% of our students benefit from WMI stipend awards. Stipends range between $500-$1500, depending on the level of need. For more information, visit

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