Summer internship with Coca Cola— 2018

Job Title: Marketing Intern, Event Planning Intern, Business Development Intern
Dates of Employment: 7/1/2018 – 7/1/2019


Job Description:
There are times in your life when a challenge is put in front of you, one which will shape the rest of your
life. It’s the moment when you jump and this is that moment; this is the Coca-Cola Ambassador
This yearlong program will require a complementary mix of marketing, public speaking,
and social media skills in order to excel.
Students will work in tandem with University Officials and our Coca-Cola team in order to execute
marketing programs throughout the academic school year. Students can expect to work approximately
5-10 hours in a week between meetings on campus and working with Coca-Cola’s many brands (earning
an average of $10/hour). Much like those who take the road less traveled, we expect our ambassadors to
be comfortable in new situations and ready to take the lead. Strong organizational skills, attention to
detail, and initiative are the key skills we are looking for when seeking the right students to help us share
the love of Coca-Cola.
You will be required to use your personal social media channels to promote brand love. We will provide
you the necessary tools in order to be memorable, organic, and natural.
No one knows the importance of perception better than we do. We want you to shine like the star that you
Your journey will start with over 100 hard working, driven, and motivated students at an unforgettable all
expenses paid training located at Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta, GA from July 9 to 12, 2018. You will be
introduced to Coca-Cola’s brand lifestyle and brand love. This is where we will give you all of the tools
you need to succeed.
Our program is hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding. Some current
ambassadors have been given internships with amazing companies and full time positions upon
graduation. You will also be able to list real world experience on your resume with one of the world’s
leading brands.
This is the moment that we ask you if you are ready to jump.
If you’re ready, apply here:

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