Language Variation & Change

Past Projects:

(1)¬†Peruvian Amazonian Spanish (Dr. Stephen Fafulas in collaboration with Dr. Erin O’Rourke)

Documents the emergence of new language varieties and addresses issues of language maintenance and language shift  in the Peruvian Amazon. Incorporates analyses of non-traditional varieties of Spanish, as well as data on the endangered languages: Ocaina, Bora, and Yagua.

(2) East North Carolina Spanish

Documents Spanish in the U.S. with an analysis of language contact in an incipient Hispanic community located in rural Eastern North Carolina.

(3) Cross-linguistic Variation of Progressive Aspect

Examines the distinct set of constructions and prototypes that languages have developed for the expression of progressive aspect, while also uncovering the similarities indicative of a common grammaticalization pathway in their diachronic evolution of tense-aspect-mood expressions.