The Team

Laboratory Director

Jamie Perry, PhD CCC-SLP

Dr. Perry’s research uses magnetic resonance imaging and 3D computer technology to study the anatomy, speech, and surgical approaches used to treat cleft palate. Her research is funded through the National Institute of Health. Her current work is aimed to examine the effect of gender and race on craniometric morphology and how it relates to cleft palate surgery. She serves on cleft palate craniofacial teams in NC and IL and provides service through surgical mission trips to third world countries.

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Katelyn Kotlarek, MS CCC-SLP


Katelyn’s research focuses on the anatomical variations of the levator veli palatini and surgical outcomes in cleft palate.

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Abigail Haenssler, MS


Abby Haenssler is the newest PhD student to join the lab. Her research focuses on cerebellar volume and anatomical variations in children with 22Q11.1 deletion syndrome.

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PhD Lab

Current Graduate Students:

Kelly Hauhuth
1st Year Graduate Student

Kori Engler
1st Year Graduate Student







Current Undergraduate Students:
Mary Watterman                  Julia Skinner
Payton Nall                           Lindsey Bates
Madison Currier