The New Era: Washington, N.C. Occupied March 1862

Source: North Carolina Collection (Uncataloged Rare Materials)

Staff Person:     Fred W. Harrison 

Description:      War officially reached the port town of Washington in March 1862, with the arrival of Federal troops escorted by the gunboat Picket. According to one account, “two companies and a band marched from the wharf to the courthouse playing national aires.” 

As evidenced by this rare edition of a Yankee newspaper dated June 25, 1862, and operating in Washington, Union forces quickly assumed control of business activity and general functions of the town. James H. Turner and A.W. Hahn are listed respectively as editor and printer of the paper.  Found within the four pages are reports of Rhode Island’s presentation of a magnificent sword to Gen. Ambrose Burnside and a speech by  Edward Stanley, Provisional Governor of North Carolina, appointed by President Lincoln.  Stanley delivered an address to the citizens of the state in Washington on June 17, 1862.

Confederate States of America $100 Bond

Source: William Moore Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #596)

Staff Person: Martha Elmore

Description: As often happens in time of war,  the Confederate States of America helped to finance the expenses incurred in the Civil War by issuing bonds.  In this example, a $100 bond is issued on March 2, 1863 (in compliance with the February 20, 1863, Act passed by the Congress of the Confederate States), and is eligible to be paid in full with 7% interest on July 1, 1868.  The certificates at the bottom could be turned in separately to receive increments of the interest payments instead of waiting until July 1, 1868, to receive all of the interest.  The coupons are dated as to when they can be used.  The first coupon would allow the bearer to receive $2.92 for interest due January 1, 1864.  This bond resides with papers related to the William Moore family of Greene and Pitt counties, N.C.

A letter regarding the 1969 film TORA! TORA! TORA!.

Source: Walter L. Small, Jr., Papers, Manuscript Collection #731.1.a

Staff Person: Dale Sauter

Description: A letter to Rear Admiral Walter L. Small, Jr., USN (Ret.) from film producer Elmo Williams thanking Small for his consultation work during the production of the 1969 film TORA! TORA! TORA!.

Evangelical Baptist Mission Poster

Source: Willard and Daisy Rowe Papers, Manuscript Collection #1181

Staff Person: Maury York

Description: Willard and Daisy Rowe of Franklin County, North Carolina, established the Evangelical Baptist Mission in 1960. They carried out missionary work in Franklin County and in Guatemala for more than 45 years. They engaged in personal witnessing, established churches, wrote newspaper columns in English and Spanish, sponsored Bible courses through correspondence, and ministered to migrant workers. In 1963, they began radio broadcasts throughout Central America and Mexico. During some of their time in Guatemala, the Rowes faced resistance from the Catholic Church and dangers associated with political unrest. This poster, published ca. 1977, highlights some of their work.