Prohibition Propaganda Broadside, Circa 1908

Source: Getsinger Family Papers, East Carolina Manuscript Collection, #172

Staff Person: Dale Sauter


February 20th, 2008, will mark the 75th anniversary of the proposal by Congress of the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution. This Amendment brought about the repeal of Prohibtion in the United States. The amendment was fully ratified on December 5th, 1933, by 36 states. It was eventually ratified by all states except South Carolina.

Prohibition in the United States (making illegal the manufacture, sale, or transportation of liquors) was initially accomplished by the proposal of The Eighteenth Amendment on December 18th, 1917. This amendment was fully ratified on January 16th, 1919, by 36 states. It was eventually ratified by all states except Rhode Island. This amendment is notable as the only amendment to the Constitution that has been repealed. Prohibition didn’t officially go into effect until January 16th, 1920. A summary of the law can be found below.

Source: United States

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