At the Copa…

This photograph features Chancellor Leo Jenkins along with Jack Minges and Waightstill H. “Booger” Scales at the famed Copacabana Club in New York City.  Taken in October of 1963, the trio had much to celebrate including the recent opening of Ficklen Stadium.  Scales, considered East Carolina’s greatest fundraiser, organized a group that sought donations from Greenville area businesses to fund the stadium’s construction.   Scales and his committee raised nearly $215,000 (approximately $1,524,894 in 2010, adjusted for inflation) in a single week.  Scales later assisted and served as the first president of the Century Club (now Pirate Club).  As a testament to their efforts on behalf of East Carolina, Minges Coliseum and W.H. Scales Field House bear the names of these men.  Both facilities are instrumental to the continued success of Pirate Athletics.  To learn more about the growth of East Carolina University, please visit the University Archives.

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