Source: University Archives, SL2650/1/1



Staff Person: Suellyn Lathrop

ECTC News was the first student newspaper at East Carolina. It started as a two page stenciled newsletter issued twice a month beginning October 23, 1923, became a broadside printed on newsprint and ended as a multi-page newspaper on June 1, 1925. It was replaced in the fall by the Teco Echo a true college newspaper.

The main purpose of ECTC News was to keep the alumnae up to date on the happenings on campus and with each other. The first issue expressly focused on the changes and expansion in departments, buildings and faculty. Afterwards each issue contains updates on alumni, faculty, students and college activities.

Perhaps most interesting today is that the paper tells us about college activities pre-television. Recurring themes are YWCA and church activities, NC Education Association meetings, recitals, luncheons, practice teaching and the activities of the literary societies. Several times movies are mentioned. In February 1925 a special showing of Snow White was set up for the children from the Model School. While it may have been a simpler time, the faculty and students certainly maintained busy schedules.

The extant issues of ECTC News have been scanned and are available on-line at:

They are also available on microfilm in both the North Carolina Collection and in Special Collections. Due to the poor condition of the papers the originals are not pulled for patrons.

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