ECTTS Faculty Meeting Minutes

Source: University Archives, FA0000

ECTTS Faculty Meeting Minutes

ECTTS Faculty Meeting Minutes

Staff Person: Suellyn Lathrop

Long before there was any thought of a faculty senate, there were ten faculty members and a president starting a two-year school for a student body consisting of 104 women and 19 men. Students enrolled on October 5th, classes began and on October 19th the faculty held their first weekly meeting. The first order of business was the curriculum which had been set up by President Wright. Adjustments were made and the meeting adjourned.

The second meeting is also recorded on this first page. The first item on the agenda was “What shall we do with students who willfully or otherwise fail to attend recitation.” It was decided that absences should be reported to the president daily. The faculty continued to meet over the years discussing curriculum, student discipline and activities and the business of running a college. Even before there was shared governance, there was shared governance.

The meeting minutes are available for research in the University Archives, record group FA0000.

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