World War I Battlefield Scenes

Source: Guide to the John Graham Johns Papers, 1921-1955, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #410

Clemenceau visiting French aviation camp near front.

Clemenceau visiting French aviation camp near front.

Staff Person: Nanette Hardison


The two images shown are from the John Graham Johns Papers, which is a collection of material that comes from John Graham Johns’ attendance in the Navy Academy and his service in the Navy from 1921-1955. The two images are battlefield scenes from World War I. The image on the top shows Georges Benjamin Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France (1917-1920), visiting an aviation camp at the front line and the image on the bottom shows French tanks on a country road. It is this collection’s photos of World War I that make this collection interesting.

French tanks going into line

French tanks going into line

Since Mr. Johns served his naval career on submarines, the collection has a good deal of material on various submarines particularly on the construction and the services of the USS NAUTILUS, USS CUTTLEFISH, and the USS SEADRAGON. There are also genealogical notes on the Lober and Reynolds families as well as a mimeographed book of a diary on big-game hunting. If additional information is needed, the finding aid can be accessed at Manuscript Collection 410

Click on the combined images to see an enlarged version.

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