Andy Griffith and the Lost Colony Production Group

Source: Preliminary Inventory of the Alpheus W. Drinkwater Collection, 1875-1997, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #805

Andy Griffith with Lost Colony Production Group

Andy Griffith with Lost Colony Production Group

Staff Person: Nanette Hardison


Andy Griffith is a well-known actor who was born and bred in North Carolina and who is famous for his roles in two popular TV shows, The Andy Griffith Show in the 1960s and Matlock in the late 1980s. The Andy Griffith Show is considered to be the most successful show in the history of television and episodes of the series are still shown today. But what people may not know is that one of Andy Griffith’s earliest acting roles was playing Sir Walter Raleigh from 1949 to 1953 in the Lost Colony production. The photo shown here is of the actor with other cast members from that production. Griffith, wearing armor, is standing in the second row. The photo is part of the Alpheus W. Drinkwater Collection and the collection’s finding aid is located at Manuscript Collection 805

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