Wahl-Coates Training School Philosophy Chart

Source:  Walhl-Coates School Collection, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #6

Staff Person: Jonathan Dembo


The image below entitled “Relation of Training School to College” is an original design drawing for an illustration that appeared in The Training School issue of the East Carolina Teachers College Bulletin Vol. 30, No. 4 (August 1939). The design expressed the Wahl-Coates Training School’s philosophy of teacher education. The ink on cardboard design shows the Training School students and their pupils at the center of a radiating circle of educational levels including student teaching, child study and psychology courses, courses in education, and subject matter courses.

The Training School was an elementary school that provided student teaching opportunities for E.C.T.C. education students. It was located on the campus of East Carolina University until 1972, when the university and the city of Greenville built Wahl-Coates Public School on Fifth Street. Originally established as the Model School in 1922, the institution was renamed the Training School when it moved into a new building in 1928 (now the Messick Theatre Arts Center). In 1959, the school received its present name, Wahl-Coates, created in honor of Miss Dora Coates and Miss Frances Wahl, two former teachers and supervisors of the school during its formative years.

Wahl-Coates Training School Philosophy Chart

Wahl-Coates Training School Philosophy Chart

Source: Wahl-Coates School Collection, #6.1.a.5, Special Collections Department, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University.

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