Davy Crockett Letter

Source: John Heritage Bryan Papers, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #147

Letter from David Crockett to John H. Bryan, May 26, 1829

Letter from David Crockett to John H. Bryan, May 26, 1829

Staff Person: Lynette Lundin


Transcription: from David Crockett to John H. Bryan, May 26, 1829

Dresdon Weakley County 26 May 1829
Dear Sir
I am Requested by a gentleman who lives on your land to write to you for the Purpose of Soliciting you to give him a leace [lease] he Bought a gentlemans improvement and Paid fifty Dollars thare [There] was a Small field & Cabben [cabin] on it and he has had the use of it two years he wishes you to extend his Privaledges [Privileges] to what would be the Custom of the Country which would be five years to come. I informed the gentleman that I was well acquainted with you and thought you would give him a leace [lease] if you give him a leace [lease] he will Clear twenty acers [acres] and Plant you one hundred fruit trees also Mr Wm L Petty John lives on your land and wishes also to take a leace [lease] if you conclude to give these leaces [leases] write them and enclose them to Dresdon to me. Mr. Elisha W. Glass is one and Mr. Wm L. Petty John is the other Pleas [please] to answer this letter as Soon as Posable [possible] I am well and family hoping these lines to find you in the alike

Your friend David Crockett

John H. Bryan

PS Pleas [please] to write imediately [immediately] as these Poor Men is uneasy and wants to know the Result. I have said nothing about my next Election I think if I am not Flattered I will Beat 5000 vtes [votes] I have Backed out Mr Miller and Mr. Alexander has taken the [trail] he Run against me in my last Contest I Beat him 27&48 vots [votes] and I have no doubt of getting a a [sic] much larger Majority in very next Race. I Remain your Sincear [Sincere] friend in hast [haste] direct your letter to Trenton
David Crockett
Hon. John H Bryan

Letter from David Crockett to John H. Bryan, May 26, 1829

Letter from David Crockett to John H. Bryan, May 26, 1829

An[swere]d July 1 re[corded?] letter book


June 2 18[2?]9

[Addressed:] Hon John H Bryan
Newburn [Bern] North Carolina

[JHB written sideways in a different color]

[Transcribed by Anna Hardee 2006 and some additional corrections made by Lynette Lundin 2007]

John Heritage Bryan was a Representative from North Carolina born in New Bern, N.C., Nov. 4, 1798. He graduated from Univ. of N.C. in 1815, studied law and passed the bar in 1819 and practiced in New Bern, N.C. He was a trustee of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1823-1868. He was a member of the State Senate from Craven County from 1823-1824, elected to congress 1825-1829. He continued to practice law moving to Raleigh around 1839. He died in Raleigh, N.C. May 19, 1870 and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery. The collection contains political and legal history of his career. This letter was one of many letters of correspondence. To find out more about this collection the finding aid is Manuscript Collection 147. In 1829 David Crockett was very popular. The race (mentioned in the letter) between him and his opponents Colonel Adam Alexander and Captain Joel Estes was very heated. Crockett won 8525 to Alexander 5000 and Estes 132.

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