1918 Flu Pandemic nickname “Spanish Flu”, March 1918 to June 1920

Source: University Archives

ECTTS Board of Trustees Minute Book 1

ECTTS Board of Trustees Minute Book 1

Staff Person: Lynette Lundin


Health conditions at ECTTC are one of the major topics mentioned in the Board of Trustees minutes from 1918. There were 141 cases of the Spanish flu recorded on campus, but there was no record of serious complications. Worldwide this was not the same. This flu epidemic was called “the greatest medical holocaust in history.” The pandemic infected one third of the world’s population, and most of its victims were young healthy adults. Normally influenza attacks the weakest population, namely infants and the elderly. The images shown below are two documents from the ECTTC Board of Trustees Minutes Book 1, November 15, 1918 which is in the University Archives.