Lusty Wind For Carolina

Source: Lusty Wind For CarolinaJoyner Rare PS3511 L449 L8 1944b

Lusty Wind for Carolina

Lusty Wind for Carolina

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Minna Towner Englis [Inglis?] Clark Fletcher (1879-1969), known to readers of her books as Inglis Fletcher, was born in Alton, Illinois. She married John George Fletcher on April 16, 1902, and the couple moved to California. Peggy, as Mrs. Fletcher was known, followed her husband as he worked in several mining camps in California, Oregon, and Alaska. While living in Spokane, Washington, during and after World War I, Mrs. Fletcher performed considerable volunteer work for the Red Cross. While in Washington she met Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who encouraged her to write.

It was not until 1931, however, that she published her first book, The White Leopard. Another eight years passed before her first Carolina novel, Raleigh’s Eden, was deemed publishable by The Bobbs-Merrill Company. Thereafter Mrs. Fletcher produced novels regularly: Men of Albemarle (1942), Lusty Wind for Carolina (1944), Toil of the Brave (1946), Roanoke Hundred (1948), Bennett’s Welcome (1950), Queen’s Gift (1952), The Scotswoman (1955), Wind in the Forest (1957), Pay, Pack, and Follow and Cormorant’s Brood (1959), The Wicked Lady (1961), and Rogue’s Harbor (1964). This edition of Lusty Wind is dedicated to Vilhjamur Stefansson.Inglis Fletcher, Lusty Wind For Carolina, Philadelphia, Blakiston Company, 1944.

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