Pitt Community Hospital, Greenville, NC

Source: Frank Wooten Jr, Papers, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #126
David A. Norris Collection, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #687

Pitt Community Hospital, Greenville, N.C.

Pitt Community Hospital, Greenville, N.C.

Staff Person: Coleen Allen


The white building was Greenville’s original hospital know as Pitt Community Hospital, and was located on Johnston Street, parallel to East Fourth St. When the hospital opened in 1924, it had 42 acute-care beds.

The red brick building below, know as Pitt Memorial Hospital, was located on West Fifth Street and was built in the early 1950s. Later, an 80 bed addition raised the total capacity to 220 beds.

Today Pitt County Memorial Hospital is a 755 bed tertiary academic medical center that provides a comprehensive range of primary, secondary and tertiary medical services to residents of 29 counties in eastern North Carolina. During fiscal year 2006, PCMH set records in several different areas: Inpatient admissions: 36,983; Average inpatient census: 617; Operating room cases: 20, 411; Births: 3,882 and Emergency department visits: 55,354.

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Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, North Carolina

Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, North Carolina

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