World War I Draft Notice

Source: Moore Family Papers, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #275
Charles O’Hagan Laughinghouse Papers, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #267
Edgerton Family Papers, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #361

World War I draft notice

World War I draft notice

Staff Person: Brian Johnson

This document is a NOTICE OF CALL AND ORDER TO APPEAR FOR PHYSICAL EXAMINATION issued by the Local Board for the County of Pitt, State of North Carolina, Greenville, N. C. on July 30, 1917 to Allen Thurman Moore notifying him that he has been called for military service by the United States to serve in World War I, that he has been issued Serial No. 2376 with order no. 425, and is to appear at the office of the Local Board at 1:30 P. M. on Aug 6, 1917. The notice is signed by the Chairman of the Local Board of the War Department, Joseph John Laughinghouse and the Clerk of the Local Board, Michael Edgerton.

Allen Thurman Moore was the son of David C. Moore who served as Clerk of the Superior Court. Allen Moore again was ordered to appear for a physical examination on January 30, 1918 and was found qualified for special and limited military service.

Prior to the war he attended the University of North Carolina and after which he lived in Greenville, NC.

The original document and many other legal papers can be found in the Moore Family Papers, collection #275 in the Manuscript Collection of the Special Collections department, Manuscript Collection 275. Related collections are the Charles O’Hagan Laughinghouse Papers (#267) and the Edgerton Family Papers (#361).