Faculty Meeting on Wright Inauguration and Formation of Students Council

Source: University Archives Record Group SL2600

Staff Person: Brian Johnson


The image below is of the East Carolina Teachers Training School faculty meeting minutes from Nov. 1, 1909. In this meeting C. W. Wilson, H. E. Austin and Miss Sally Joyner Davis were appointed the committee to supervise the mailing of invitations and the making of arrangements for the inauguration of President Robert Wright on November 12, 1909. Mrs. Kate R. Beckwith, Miss Maria Graham and Miss Kate Lewis were appointed a committee on decorations for the inauguration. The faculty decided in the meeting to encourage the formation of a “Students Council.” This would later become the Women’s Student Self-Government Association and, by 1937, the Women’s Student Council. It is known as the Student Government Association today.

These minutes and many more can be found in the University Archives at Joyner Library. Record Group SL2600 http://www.ecu.edu/cs-lib/archives/index.cfm

Faculty minutes from Nov 1, 1909

Faculty minutes from Nov 1, 1909

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