Detail of Site Plan – Staked Haybale

Source: University Archives BA3010/1

Staff Person: L. K. Gypsye Legge

As so many processes become “digitally born” it is refreshing to look back to simpler times. This image, part of a larger plan for preparations of a building site, gives a detailed rendering of staked haybale. Staked bales are still used to control water and silt flow onto and off of construction sites, but is not easy to imagine that such specific direction was necessary. It is also amusing to imagine a modern architect using a powerful CAD system to produce such a prosaic image.

Many of the plans for buildings that are no longer standing, or were planned and never built, are open to the public in the University Archives. The finding aid can be accessed via the link below.

Facility Planning, Design and Construction Series 1 Blueprints, Plans and Drawings