1914 Summer Class Photo (ECTTS)

Source: University Archives UW0000/2/4/7.1

Panoramic view of group in front of Old Austin

Panoramic view of group in front of Old Austin

Staff Person: L. K. Gypsye Legge


It is impossible to predict what may appear next in Special Collections. A phone call was made one afternoon to the Search Room desk. On the line was a woman who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Her great-aunt was an alumna of East Carolina, and she had a picture to donate to University Archives that included her relative and Robert Wright in a group photo.

Maury York, Assistant Director and Head of Special Collections, was pleased to accept the donation when the donor came to Greenville, and the framed photo came to University Archives for accessioning. It was a delightful shock to realize what had been tentatively identified as an image from the 1920’s is, in fact, our only vintage copy of a photo published in the Volume 1 Number 2 issue of the [ECTTS] Training School Quarterly!

Photographic prints have much more detail than most mass printing methods, and especially printing from the early 20th Century. This photo will allow us to make higher quality images for reproduction, provide more detail for researchers to study and, given that this is the Centennial for ECU, reminds us that we should not think that we are done collecting or researching – something “new” can pop up any time!