Pat Dye Show Script, October 21, 1979

Source: University Archives IA0000:18:2:1:1; IA0000:18:2:1:3

Staff Person: L. K. Gypsye Legge


TV Feature for Pat Dye Show (IA0000:18:2:1:1)

TV Feature for Pat Dye Show (IA0000:18:2:1:1)

Every fall, as the leaves begin to color and the air get cooler, thoughts at many campuses turn to football. At East Carolina, the Pirates’ fans begin to plan tailgate menus, and purple is the color most often seen all over Greenville, North Carolina. Even as we have fresh hopes for a better season than ever, it is also nice to remember times past.

The item above is the production script for an episode of the Pat Dye Show, from the University Archives. For those not familiar with the history of Pirate football, Pat Dye was the coach of the Pirates for six years, and this script is from what would turn out to be his final season as head coach. Coach Dye recognized that football is more than what happens on the field. It is the spectacle, the culture of a town that was named a Sportstown, USA by Sports Illustrated and all that surrounds the game matters too. In this episode, the role of the band major is discussed. We have the footage from this episode, pictured below. These films are currently “closed materials,” because of lack of surety that they can be projected safely. As funds become available, Special Collections will preserve films in the collection so that all materials can be made available. Those who are interested in this project are welcome to contact the University Archives for further information.

Pat Dye Film Reels (IA0000:18:2:1:3)

Pat Dye Film Reels (IA0000:18:2:1:3)

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