ECU Facilities Services

Source: Guide to the Daily Reflector Negative Collection, East Carolina Manuscript Collection, #741

Mowing yard

Mowing yard

Staff Person: L. K. Gypsye Legge


The humidity is getting thicker and you are more likely to hear the buzz of insects on campus than students in the evenings. But in a month and a day the primary mission of East Carolina will reassert itself with great vigor – a new school year will begin! Facilities Services [] keeps the campus looking great all year, even when heat and humidity and summer showers make it quite a challenge.

We all tend to add a little extra elbow grease as we prepare to welcome new faculty and students, and welcome back returning Pirates. This image, from August 1958 of a man mowing one of the lawns on campus, shows that it has been this way for more than half a century:

From the Daily Reflector Collection, this image and many others were digitalized as part of the Seeds of Change project. More information of the project is available here:

There are many items that focus on East Carolina in this collection, and there are thousands more images in the University Archives.

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