Nursing staff out on the Yukon

Source: Lula M. Disosway Papers, 1897-1977  (E C Manuscript collection #447)

Staff Member: Nanette Hardison

Lula Disosway was a native North Carolinian (born in New Bern) who became both a doctor and a surgeon (a remarkable accomplishment for a woman at that time) and who used her medical knowledge to serve as a medical missionary for the Episcopal Church. Her missionary work took her to places like Shanghai, China but when World War II loomed ahead in 1941, she was transferred to the Hudson Stuck Memorial Hospital located in Fort Yukon, Alaska. There, she served as both administrator and physician to the hospital and at certain times, she was even the hospital cook! Dr. Disosway’s papers have great historical value for among her papers are letters that give details of life in the Arctic Circle and of the challenges and problems she faced during her time at the hospital. The papers also have numerous photographs that show the staff of the Hudson Stuck Memorial Hospital. If you would like to look through this interesting collection, come to the Manuscripts and Rare Books Department on the 4th floor where the collection is housed.

Bob Hope Tours in Alaska

Frank Armstrong Papers

Ralph Scott

Bob Hope was known for touring American troops overseas. This photograph was taken in the 1950’s when Hope was visiting Air Force Bases in the Alaska. It is probably taken at Elmendorf Air Force Base. He is show here with Peggy Armstrong, the wife of the Air Force Alaskan Air Commander Frank Armstrong. Please note the interesting contrasting footwear among the two individuals in the photograph. You just have to love those strappy sandals!