1941 Homecoming

Teco Echo, October 3, 1941Source: East Carolina Teachers College, The Teco Echo, October 5, 1941.

Staff Person: Kacy Guill

Description: On October 18, 1941, East Carolina Teachers College held their first fall homecoming.  Entertainment at the homecoming included a football game between the Pirates of East Carolina and the Catamounts of Western Carolina Teachers College.  Plans were also made for “a colorful parade to precede the game, and several extra-curricular organizations are planning to enter floats.”  This would be the first annual homecoming parade held at ECTC.  The following year ECTC made the decision to cancel all homecoming activities until the end of the war. The next homecoming was not held until 1947.

Sophomore Wagon in 1941 Homecoming Parade.