Elbert Carpenter Civil War Letter

Source:  Carpenter Family Papers, #11.1.a & North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865:  A Roster, Vol. 14 (1998), p. 680.

Staff Person:  Jonathan Dembo


Description:  The letter above is from Elbert Carpenter, a soldier serving in Company D, 61st Regiment North Carolina Troops,  who was stationed at Tarboro, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, to his father, Solomon Carpenter, Chatham County, NC.  The letter, dated 26 November 1862, records the recent deaths of his two brothers.   Elbert’s brothers — Wyatt had died earlier that day at Tarboro of an unknown disease and James had died from “consumption” and “dispepsia” on 22 November also at Tarboro — had also served in Company D.  Elbert himself did not have long to live.  He was killed at Kinston on 14 December, less than three weeks later.   Holograph.  Encapsulated.  (Carpenter Family Papers #11.1.a)

Transcript: State of N.C. Edgecom County November the 26 1862 Dear and affectionet father and Mother It is with great pain that I seat my selfe to drope you a few lines to in form you that Brother Wiet [Wyatt] is Ded he Did one the 26 of this month he has Bin Sicke fore a month he Will be Bered here the Doctor has never told me What the Diseas Was so I cant say What Was the matter With him Dear and affectionate father and Mother I am Well at this more than Bad cole I hope that Whern this letter gits to hand it Will find you all in joying good halthe i want you to write to me as soon as you gitre this letter if you pleas it Dos give me great pleasure to reseve a letter from you James. Died on the 21 of this mohth and Was Bered here in this plas. Dear father Direct your letters to Tarbour in care of N A Ramsey the 61 Regiment company D Elbert Carpenter.