Pepsi Party at Bradham Drug Store, Bradham & Friends, 1890’s

Staff Pick for June 18th

Source: The Minges Collection, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #1136
Staff Person: Lynette Lundin
This collection documents the history of the Minges family in the soft drink business, Pepsi-Cola, in North Carolina. The materials in the collection cover the time period of 1890’s to 1992. Caleb Davis Bradham, born in Chinquapin, North Carolina, in 1867, attended the University of  North Carolina in 1886 and completed his college education at the University of Maryland. Caleb, a Pharmacist in New Bern, created the drink on August 28, 1898. Originally called Brad’s drink, it is now called Pepsi-Cola. The image below titled “Pepsi Party” is of Caleb Bradham and friends. The date on image is 1890’s.

We have this collection due to the generosity of Jeffrey M. Minges.