USS Coolbaugh (DE 217)

The following image comes from the Stuart T. Hotchkiss papers (#564-002):

USS Coolbaugh (DE 217)

The USS Coolbaugh was launched on May 29, 1943 and eventually decommissioned on February 21, 1960.  Stuart T. Hotchkiss served on the ship from 1943-1945.  In fact, if you look hard enough, you can even find a picture of Captain Hotchkiss on the following website, which is exclusively devoted to the history of the USS Coolbaugh and her crews:

These types of websites are very interesting to me, and they are becoming increasingly important to my work.  Being a Digital Archivist, I am charged with collecting, describing, and preserving all forms of digital content (including websites), which exhibit enduring value.  This particular website is a great example of an online social network that really shines in its ability to collect stories that might otherwise become lost to history.  And, you just never can tell what someone might learn from these sorts of stories once they are given life to a wider audience. Case in point, I have inadvertently stumbled across yet another ship’s unusual mascot (see my previous staff pick for the other example).

To close, then, I would like to present two pictures, circa 1957, that feature the best-named mascot  to have ever served aboard the USS Coolbaugh.  In fact, this mascot was so well-named, they named it twice!  Though it was originally known as Sputnik, its name was eventually changed to Rosemary Cooney.  See why below: