Dig We Must ! – Into the Coal Operators' Profits!

Cover of Dig we must! into the coal operators' profits!

Cover of Dig we must! into the coal operators' profits!

Source: Dig We Must! – Into the Coal Operators’ Profits!, Hoover HD8039.M615 D5 1970

Staff Person: Maury York


With the approach of May Day, the Special Collections Department features the cover of a pamphlet published in 1970 by the Coal Commission of Communist Party, U.S.A. The pamphlet is part of the Hoover Collection on International Communism, the nucleus of which was donated to Joyner Library by Dr. J. C. Peele of Kinston, N.C. The tract mentions gains made by miners through the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, but stresses additional goals:

“We Communists advocate public ownership of the coal industry, operated by a federal body on which the United Mine Workers, working miners, and other residents of the coal-producing regions are strongly represented. This body could guarantee that the needs of the nation come first, not the profits of the wealthy. It could insure the highest safety standards for all mines, provide job security, guarantee decent retirement pay, and use the tremendous profits now going to a few rich investors for decent schools, public housing, hospitals and other pressing needs of people in the coal fields.

This body could put an end to the criminal destruction of our natural resources by the indiscriminate use of strip and auger mining, and create beautiful recreation areas for people from all parts of the country.”

Dig we must! into the coal operators' profits!

Dig we must! into the coal operators' profits!

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