The Library Club, from the 1958 Buccaneer and Synergy, 2008

Source: University Archives, Special Ref LB 1927.E3x 1958

The Library Club, 1958

The Library Club, 1958

Staff Person: L.K. Gypsye Legge


As we continue to celebrate ECU’s Centennial through 2009 there are many times that looking at the past makes the present all the more meaningful. Pictured above is the The Library Club, circa 1958. The image of the Library Club is from the 1958 Buccaneer, which has been the yearbook since 1953, with a few lapses in publication. Below is a 2008 image of the current student club for Joyner Library’s interest and support: Synergy. Synergy will be part of the 2008 Buccaneer. There is not much we know about the Library Club beyond this image, but future researchers will have much more information about Synergy, since the Founder and Advisor has already made a visit to the University Archives to make sure the correct items are being saved in the best way.

University Archives goes well beyond the formal records of the business of the University, although that is the principle focus. Memorabilia, records of community events, and extracurricular activities are all a part of “ECU’s Memory.”

Copies of all available years of the Buccaneer are available in the Special Collections’ Search Room on the 4th floor of Joyner Library.

The Library Club, 2008

The Library Club, 2008

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