Flooding in Kinston, NC

Source: Guide to the William E. Elmore Collection, 1821-1948, undated, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #39

Staff Person: Martha Elmore


Flooding is common in eastern North Carolina. Below are two shots of high water at Kinston, N.C., taken on October 6, 1924, by M. S. Croom of Croom’s Picture Shop, 206 East Street in Kinston, N.C. The top photograph (item number 39/286) showing Harrell Repair Shop is taken along Caswell Street in Happersville, which is the low grounds area encountered on the main approach to Kinston from the southwest, just before crossing the Caswell Street Bridge into Kinston proper. The area now is largely unoccupied except for the Neuseway Nature Center, but in 1924 the area included houses and businesses. The bottom photograph (item number p-39/291) was taken in the 1800 block of Lincoln Street in Kinston and depicts the Kinston College, which was then being used by the United American Free Will Baptists (also known as Colored Free Will Baptists). The College was originally founded and run by the North Carolina educator and physician Richard Henry Lewis from 1882 to 1891. There are seventeen other photographs documenting this flooding. These photographs are a small portion of the William E. Elmore Collection #39 and are found in box 5 of the collection. To see the finding aid for this collection, go to Manuscript Collection #39

Flooding near Kinston, North Carolina

Flooding near Kinston, North Carolina

Flooding in Kinston, North Carolina

Flooding in Kinston, North Carolina

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