Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

Source: Daily Reflector Negative Collection EC Manuscript Collection #741.21.k.2

Staff Person: Ken Harbit

Description: 1953 Ford Sunliner Indy 500 Pace Car Convertible 1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Convertible, rumored to be just one of 10 known to exist. The date, May 30, 1953 was permanently stenciled on its rear fender, as well as the words ‘official pace car’ on the driver’s door. 1953 was Ford’s 50th year. Driven in the 1953 race by William Clay Ford, Sr. He was the 4th member of the Ford family to be a pace car driver. Bill Vukovich (Fresno Ca.) won the 1953 Indy 500, he endured searing heat and led for 195 laps to win the 500, one of only five drivers that year to finish the race without relief. His average speed was 128.74 mph. His qualifying speed is 138.392 mph.

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