Greenville Police Riot Training ca. 1961-1962

Source: City of Greenville Police Department Records, East Carolina Manuscript Collection #1076

Greenville Riot Police Training ca. 1961-1962

Greenville Riot Police Training ca. 1961-1962

Staff Person: Jon Dembo


 This image is from a collection of public relations slides produced by the Greenville Police Department, ca. 1961-1970, City of Greenville Police Department Records #1076.1.b.3.118 [finding aid not yet available]. This slide shows a squad of 13 gas-masked, baton-wielding, Greenville policemen demonstrating their riot training skills, ca. 1961-1962. The collection contains a total of 480 color slides illustrating contemporary police officers, equipment, facilities, and practices. Other slides demonstrate traffic safety, handling of seized evidence, investigations of arson and other crimes, the arrest of suspects, and bomb disposal, among other topics. The collection was given to the East Carolina Manuscript Collection, by Sgt. Joe Friday, of the Greenville Police Department, 6/22/2006.

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