Verona Topping Lancaster Autograph Book

Source: University Archives, UR0000/16

Verona Topping Lancaster Autograph Book

Verona Topping Lancaster Autograph Book

Staff Person: Suellyn Lathrop

As corporate archives for an institution established in 1907, well after the invention and wide-spread acceptance of the typewriter, the University Archives contains few manuscripts and fewer still of a personal nature. The image below is from a 1924 autograph book which belonged to Verona Topping Lancaster who attended summer sessions between 1924 and 1954. Along with verses and addresses collected from friends, the book contains a dry cleaning ticket, a weekend pass, name cards, music recital program and notes slipped under her dorm room door. Other examples of entries from the book can be found at: 1924 Autograph Book.

The book is part of record group UR0000, University Related Records, Series 16, Verona Topping Lancaster Personal Papers. The record group currently consists of 16 series of personal papers created by alumni and staff members. Finding aids for these and other records held in the University Archives are available upon request and will be available at: University Archives Finding Aids in the near future.

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