Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sam’s Club to Host and Open House event

Sam’s Club will host an open house on June 7th and 8th.  This is an exclusive event held for only a few local businesses and all ECU staff are invited to come.  If anyone would like to start a new membership or renew an existing membership, they will receive a gift card.  It is also a great opportunity for non-members to come experience Sam’s Club.  Anyone employed at ECU will have the opportunity to shop without needing a membership

As an added incentive, during Open House events, all new members who have an invitation will receive a free tote bag.

ECU does not endorse the event, but simply are providing event details.  Visit the ECU Staff Senate website for more information about the Sam’s Club Pirate Perk.

For more information about the open house please call 252-439-0408.Pmp Open House June