HR Legislative Update

Good afternoon:

 We would like to share with you that HB 834, Modernization of the State Personnel Act, was passed by both the Senate and the House on July 25, 2013 and then moved forward for the Governor’s signature.

 A few changes that you will note in this bill include:

 1.  Twelve paid holidays every year

 2.  Name change from the Office of State Personnel (OSP) to Office of State Human Resources (OSHR)

 3.  Changes to SPA Grievance Appeal Process

 There appear to be no changes that will adversely affect our SPA employees.

 The next step will involve the Office of State Personnel working through the revisions outlined in the bill.  Once that process is complete, the implementation directives will be forthcoming to all state agencies and universities.  This could take some time, but be assured that we will provide you with updates as we receive information.

 Thank you.

 Jim Mullen

Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

East Carolina University