Mixing It Up!!!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been mixing it up on the Staff Senate Blog by trying to provide as many pictures as possible and including a variety of posts, from informative to humorous.

Your input and/or participation is needed in order to maintain this type of content!  If you know of an upcomming event, that will be of interest/benefit to the Staff Senate and/or ecu staff as a whole, please send me the information so that I may include it on the blog.  Please remember to include as many details as possible and if there is an associated website, or pictures from a previous year’s event, those are very helpful!  Also,  please let me know if you would like me to come and snap a few pictures, but the best option is if YOU snap some pictures and email them to me with a brief summary of what will be happening (or happened) – of course funny details are always welcome!!  Even if the event happened in the (recent) past, we can include a recap on the blog!! 

It might also be fun to send pictures – either selfies 😉 or taken by someone other than yourself, as you use our Pirate Perks!  So the next time you flash your OneCard in order to save some money, maybe snap a quick picture and send it to me.

If you have any other suggestions for unique, fun, interesting or picture-worthy content, please email me at schillerm@ecu.edu.