Holiday Payroll Adjustments 2013

As usual, we will be getting our last paycheck of the year early.  The December Payroll dates this year are December 13th (Friday the 13th, if you’re the superstitious kind 😉 ) and then we’ll get our “end of the month” check on December 23rd. 

A big difference this year is that Direct Deposit is mandatory.  If you happen to be one of the few that still receive paper checks, your payroll will be mailed.  BIG NOTE – Make sure the payroll office has your correct address!  The payroll office will be closed until after the holidays, so if there is a problem with your paycheck, there will not be anyone available to assist you until AFTER THE HOLIDAYS! 

If you are an employee that still receives a paper check, and you DON’T want to wait for the mail or take the chance that something could go wrong, you can complete the direct deposit form (click here) from now until December 4th.  But, you must get your direct deposit set up BEFORE DECEMBER 4th, to ensure your December 23rd paycheck is processed.


Here is the Official Information from the Payroll Office:

Official notice has been received from the Office of the State Controller regarding final payroll dates for December.  ECU employees will be paid Friday, December 13th and Monday, December 23rd, not Friday, December 20th as anticipated.

This means that direct deposits will be available to the receiving banks no later than 12:00 a.m. Monday,  December 23rd.  Direct deposit funds are posted at the discretion of the receiving bank. Employees may contact their banks to learn the exact time that direct deposits will be posted to their accounts.

Because this is the first day of the ECU Holiday break, the Payroll Office WILL NOT be open on 23 December for check pick-up.  Further communication will be sent directly to those employees currently receiving paper checks.

We will be working closely with new employees to ensure that we have their Direct Deposits set up in Banner prior to finalizing payroll on the December 17th

Please feel free to contact the Payroll Office at 252-328-6955 with any questions.