Ride Without Limits Recap UPDATE!

When we posted the Ride Without Limits Recap, the event coordinator was on a well-deserved vacation and the official statistics were not available.  We have since gotten the following:

Ride Recap: 

-Over 185 Registered Riders (at least 150 actually participated).

-Riders covered courses totaling more than 250 miles, visiting 15 rest stops spread across three counties (Beaufort, Martin & Pitt) – 2 of which were staffed by our very own PIRATES!!!

-Riders and participants were supported throughout the weekend by over 125 volunteers from across the state; the bulk of whom came from the immediate area.

-The event raised $146,775.59 for Easter Seals UCP and the supportive services we provide to children and adults with disabilities and mental health challenges in North Carolina and Virginia  (more than $10,000 MORE than 2012!).

Wow!  Another big WAY TO GO for the volunteers who helped make such a huge difference for this event!!!