Leadership According to Ballard

On February 26th, Dr. Ballard gave his presentation “Leadership According to Ballard” – part of the Professional Development Series sponsored by the ECU Office of Student Affairs.

Dr. Ballard facilitated an innovative and interesting session; attendees were a conglomeration of faculty and staff, with approximately 60 people in attendance.

Dr. Ballard spoke about the value of people skills and shared some of his own leadership experiences in honing them. Having a mentor and finding those to
mentor is important. Leadership is much more about people skills than about technical skill. He cited personal mentors from the early years of his academic
career in Oklahoma to former US Senator Margaret Chase Smith. Leadership is a combination of failures and successes, and is developed by character and

His most passionate point was that a leader who has high integrity and high courage can accomplish great things. He also reiterated his deep belief that leaders are made (or grown) not born.
He encouraged people to get In The Arena – referencing this speech (though he did not read it): http://www.theodore-roosevelt.com/trsorbonnespeech.html. Leadership is a learned, experiential skill – so get out there and get some experience.
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