Good Friday – A time to remember

Holy week, the week where Jesus returned to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; the washing of the disciples’ feet by Jesus; and the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, represents the events leading up to Jesus’ death.

Good Friday is celebrated by Christians annually to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  The full story of Good Friday is recorded in the Bible found in Matthew 26-27.

The word “good” relates to the belief that Christ died for the sins of mankind.


It is an important event in the Christian faith because this act brought salvation to all who believe in Him.   It is often a day of mourning, quiet prayer, and believers may choose to fast or attend church.

The Jewish calendar indicates Jesus died on the first day of the Passover, which according to the Gregorian (Western) calendar would be April 7. However, this holiday is not celebrated as a fixed date.  The flexible date of the Passover conforms to the Jewish luni-solar calendar.

Candles will remain extinguished and statues, crosses and paintings will be covered in purple, gray, or black cloth. Some Christians will bake and eat hot cross buns while others will avoid some types of non-vegetarian foods.  Depending on your faith, homes may maintain an atmosphere of reverence and silence with limited usage of electronic devices.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is remembered on Easter Sunday. This is the most joyous day of the Christian year commemorating when Christ arose from the dead and left the tomb very early in the morning. Many churches hold Easter services at sunrise on Easter morning.

East Carolina University observes Good Friday as a State Holiday and Greenville City offices will be closed on Good Friday.