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Recap Of The UNC Staff Assembly Chancellors’ Cup Golf Tournament

UNC Chancellor's Golf Tournament CupUNC Staff Assembly Chancellor’s  Golf Cup and Campus Trophy
Photographed by Penney Doughtie

The ECU Staff Senate was pleased to be an instrumental part of the UNC Chancellors’ Cup Golf Tournament held on June 18, 2014. Enthusiasm was high despite the high temperature! As a representative of ECU at Hole #2, we were actively seeking a Hole In One  on the Lonnie Poole Golf Course. The shotmaker for this prize would have won $10,000 cash and $5,000 for the UNC Staff Assembly Scholarship Fund. Much to our dismay, none of the UNC teams were able to deliver a Hole In One at Hole #2.

The Results

1st Place Team: Winston-Salem State University
Robert Bethea, James Mitchell, Kevin Taylor, and Jack Carlton
Owns ‘The Chancellor’s Cup’ for one year and a Campus Trophy to keep.
Awarded: (4) $75 Gift Cards and (4) Greens Fee Passes

2nd Place Team: UNC Board Of Governors Team
Jerry Dockham, Ed McMahan, Bill McAuley, and Todd Roberts
Awarded: (4) $50 Gift Cards and (4) Greens Fee Passes

3rd Place Team: East Carolina University
Kevin Miller, Kevin Williams, Vern Davenport, and Daniel Griffis
Awarded: (4) $25 Gift Cards and  (4) Greens Fee Passes

All proceeds benefit the Janet B. Royster Memorial Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship(s) to full-time, permanent non-faculty employees who are taking either undergraduate or graduate level courses at an accredited institution of higher education, or enrolled in approved – short courses, licensure, certificate or continuing education programs that supports staff development. The Fund has been established in memory of Janet B. Royster, a UNC-TV employee who provided important leadership, knowledge and dedication of the UNC Staff Assembly where she served as its first Parliamentarian until her untimely death in June 2011.

The intent of the scholarship is to cover the out-of-pocket expenses for one undergraduate or graduate course per year (tuition, fees, books) to a non-faculty employee after eligibility for tuition free course is exhausted, or for a short-term professional development program as noted above.

Help us reach our $50,000 goal to endow our scholarship and begin awarding funds to deserving staff across the state of NC. Would you like to make a difference? Donate online or send a donation via mail.

Thanks again to our sponsors and everyone that made the UNC Chancellors’ Golf Tournament a success!


Links: Additional Golf Tournament Photos, ECU Golf


Winners of the Staff Appreciation Prize Give-Aways

The culminating event of our 2014 Staff Appreciation Week was a prize drawing.  Every staff member with a Banner ID was automatically entered in this drawing, the Staff Senate generated a randomized list in Excel and numbers were drawn.  There were some really great prizes and we hope each staff member knows that whether they won a prize or not, you are truly appreciated!!

And the winners are……..

  • Kimberly Smith, Honors College – SRC Prize Package 1
  • Diane Hodges, Grants Admin – SRC Prize Package 2
  • Renee Safford-White, Medical Foundation – SRC Prize Package 3
  • Braden Jackson, Facilities West – SRC Prize Package 4
  • Shanda Parish, ECUP IM Neurology – SRC Prize Package 5
  • Brent Zimmer, ITCS – SRC Prize Package 6
  • Beth Coghill, Academic Advising Center – Beauty Products
  • Megan Taylor, Pediatrics Pulmonology – Sweet Pets Gift Certificate
  • Stanley Wojcik, Facilities Services West – $25.00 Gift Card to Seahorse Restaurant
  • Dorian Araneda, ECUP Transplant Surgery – Sylvan Heights Bird Park Tickets
  • Laurie Driscoll, Pediatric Surgery – ECU Football Tickets
  • Page Butler, ECHI Events, ECU Football Tickets
  • Dionte Askew, ECU Printing and Graphics – $50 Gift Certificate to Firetower Work Shoes
  • Jolene Jernigan,  Student Health Services – Chili’s 2 meal 1
  • Ashley Hill, AA Dept. of English – Chili’s 2 meal 2
  • Grady Whitehurst, Facilities Services East – Chili’s 2 meal 3
  • Jill Whitehurst, ECUP Neurosurgery 0 Chili’s 2 meal 4
  • Emma Thompson, Thomas Professional Bldg. – Chilis’ meal 5
  • Melissa Lloyd, ECUP Family Medicine – Panthers Football
  • William Mallett, Office of International Affairs – Pandora Bracelet
  • Tracy Baer, College of Nursing – $100 Care Bucks from University PC Care
  • Pam Wynne, BSOM Pharmacology – $20 Gift Card to Sup Dogs
  • Ryan Hunt, Athletics – $10 Gift Certificate to Tripp’s Restaurant
  • Susan Clark, ECUP Neurosurgery – $10 Gift Certificate to Tripp’s Restaurant
  • LeAnne Turner, Thomas Professional Bldg. – Gift Certificate for Free Entrée at Marathon Restaurant

Congratulations to all that won!  We hope enjoy your prizes!

Many thanks to the local businesses that donated these wonderful prizes and to the Staff Senate Rewards and Recognition Committee for all their work in making Staff Appreciation Week such a success!

Go Pirates!!


ECU Board Of Trustees Meeting

Over a two day span, beginning on Thursday, February 13th, through  Friday, February 14th, the Board of Trustees Meeting was held at the East Carolina Heart Institute.  Thursday’s schedule included meetings from the following committees: University Affairs, Finance and Facilities, Executive, and Health Sciences. The full day event was ended by tour of the ECHI’s new Research and Robotic Division on the fourth floor and a BOT reception honoring the Chambers Singers.  On Friday, after a call to order, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a moderately timed closed session, the following highlights the reports and remarks disclosed during this session:


  • Chancellor Ballard discussed several “needle-mover” projects that ECU should focus on funding due to the return on investments in the future.  The next big “needle-mover” project will be growing the Biomedical Engineering program to a size and rank that will be comparable to NC State’s Engineering program.  We are well on our way to doing this – ECU currently has the largest and most reputable Biomedical Engineering Program in the state!
  • Health Sciences : There was real excitement over the recent opening of the ECU School of Dental Medicine Community Service Learning Center in Lillington, NC at the end of January this year. The 7,700-square-foot center, the third of its kind, aims to serve rural areas in North Carolina that are in need of healthcare resources, while providing ECU dental students with a learning opportunity in a real community.
  •  As mentioned in the First Monday update on February 3, 2014, Provost Marilyn Sheerer will be stepping down from the position of Provost on August 15, 2014. She has submitted her letter of resignation to Chancellor Ballard and he has accepted it.  Her intention is to take retreat rights for a year and return to the faculty in the College of Education in August of 2015. The process of selecting a replacement Provost has begun. The Chancellor welcomes input from staff, faculty, and the community regarding the appointment of an interim Provost. This appointment will be made in April. A standing ovation was given to Provost Sheerer for her hard work and dedication to ECU.
  •  The board voted unanimously for non-salary compensation to be dispensed to the football coaching staff for outstanding performance.
  •  The Finance and Facilities Committee proposed that a new student services building was needed and the proposed location is between the Heart Institute and the Allied Health building. Plans detailing the proposed third phase of the North Recreational Complex included new softball fields, batting cages, lighted tennis courts, and a trail were presented.
  •  University Affairs remarked on the Structured for Success program that involves early intervention of students with drug related issues. The goal of this program is to enhance student success and increase retention from the freshman to sophomore year. Nineteen of the current participants are male. The current success rate reported for Fall 2012 involved 15 out of 22 students with an 80% rate of students continuing onto their sophomore year.
  •  A lighting study across campus has been conducted determining that several areas need improvement such as the Mall area and the parking area near the Messick building. Projects are underway to level the lighting across campus and convert to LEDs.

Credit is given to Mary Schiller for comments regarding Chancellor Ballard’s discussion of “needle-mover” projects and the Biomedical Engineering program.

Discussion with Vice Chancellor Rick Niswander

Let me hi-jack our topic for a moment to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!  May your day be FILLED with kindness and love!!!


The meeting began with introductions, then Dr. Niswander gave a report about the state budget and ECUs budget.  Some bullets from his report include:

  • Budget dollars are fine
  • Income collection is greater than estimated
  • Medicaid is the big unknown right now, partially because of the new NCFAST system has had implementation problems
  • Undergraduate enrollment at ECU has increased, but Graduate enrollment has decreased, which will reduce funding – the decrease in graduate enrollment is directly linked to the public education system no longer giving incentives to teachers with masters degrees.
  • The 2014-2015 NC Budget plan includes a very small pay increase for state employees (it’s not been approved yet).  Interesting fact, a 1% pay increase at ECU equates to $5 million a year which ECU has to budget for, so even if we get a raise, we may pay for it in other ways…
  • Dr. Niswander is going to ask units this if/then question…just to be prepared in case it happens:  if the state cuts ECU’s budget, what could each unit do?
    • Research dollars fact (which generates F&A funding)
      • UNC-Chapel Hill est. $500 million
      • ECU est. $20 million

Dr. Niswander also mentioned that the GA has mandated a 30% energy reduction by 2015 – ECU is currently at 18% with the majority of our energy consumption being cooling costs.  So, be prepared for some warmer temperatures this summer, as ECU will be adjusting thermostats in attempts to save that additional 12%.  Of course, each summer we are asked to be mindful of our energy consumption – this is now more important than ever….(I’ve already started doing my part by leaving my office lights off most of the time.  I have windows, so I have plenty of lights without them.  I’ve also given up my electric stapler and am using the manual kind again.).  Small changes can add up to a large impact!

The Senators also had quite a few topics of discussion, which included:

  • A proposed change to the winter break calendar – a couple of options were discussed. Dr. Niswander asked that the Staff Senators to discuss and determine what the majority agrees on and let him know.
  • Employee Appreciation Week funding – Dr. Niswander approved the food vouchers, t-shirts, bowling and asked for other suggestions.
  • Senator Garrett Killian asked Dr. Niswander to speak at a Staff Senator meeting and he graciously agreed.
  • Continued challenges with the EPAF processes and Travel.  Dr. Niswander said that the new HR Director has been given the task to revamp the EPAF System.  The travel process is highly visible and scrutinized by the state/media/auditors and there is no quick fix but is on the ITCS list.
  • Discussion about Kronos and the benefits for employees.  It was suggested to have leave rules/guidelines clearly written so that all employees would be treated fairly campus wide.
  • Discussion regarding employee stress due to taking on additional responsibilities due to unfilled positions and lack of wage increases when the funds are available.

Overall this was an extremely insightful and productive meeting.  We will look forward to Dr. Niswander presenting at our April meeting!


Recap – Health Fitness Walk

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the recap, let’s give a HUGE round of applause to the Rewards and Recognition Committee for an OUTSTANDING job on the 2013 Health Fitness Walk!!


Pictured above:  Greg Pierce, Becky Preston, Julie Fowler, Garrett Killian and Travis Taylor (members not pictured:  Cindy Reeves, Melissa Eakes, Jennifer Harris, and Beth Bengala).

Now lets put our hands together, and give a big congratulations to the the WINNERS OF THE “DOOR PRIZES:”

Larry Bone: Men’s hair care products
Rhonda Howard: Wave Sports Outfitters $100 1 Hour Ski Rental Gift Card
Todd Inman: Wave Sports Outfitters $100 1 Hour Ski Rental Gift Card
Melissa Lloyd: Women’s hair care products  

And now on to our feature presentation – the 2013 Health Fitness Walk!

Garrett kicked things off with a few words before introducing Dr. Cunningham, Dean of the Brody School of Medicine.


Dean Cunningham reminded us that even with his hectic schedule, he takes time to get out and MOVE during the course of the day.  His opening remarks were both humorous and inspirational.

There was GREAT vendor and participant turn out this year.  Some of the most popular included Zumba


and the ECU Physical Therapy mini-massages


And the ECU Pharmacy $1.00 sale


Of course we were all looking forward to learning to kayak but we were sadly disappointed to find out our beautiful Laupus Lake is nothing more than a retention pond (talk about lipstick on a pig!), so the kayaks were dry docked for the day 🙁


Everyone still enjoyed the weather and walked around the Laupus retention pond Lake


A great time was had by all.  Lots of great goodies to be had such as t-shirts,




Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and ACT rinse,


ECU golf towels


Pirate Pride window flags and water!


Again, kudos to the Rewards and Recognition Committee – GREAT JOB!!!

Enjoy the random photos below (in case you like to play “Where’s Waldo”)!



Ride Without Limits Recap

On Saturday, October 5th, our ECU Staff Senate members:  Martina Christie, Penny Doughtie, Sherry Bingham, Lisa Graepel, Tamara McKeel, Julie Fowler, and Paulette Brown served as volunteers for the Ride Without Limits Bike Race, benefiting the Easter Seals.  Our team placed route markers prior to the race and staffed two (of 15) rest stops for the duration of the race.  They represented our ECU Staff Senate VERY well, showing their Pirate Pride, as they encouraged the 150 riders along the 250 mile route.  The route took the riders across three counties – Beaufort, Martin and Pitt.


It was reported by a couple groups of bikers that there was a black bear spotted between Rest Stop #7 (red) and #8 (blue).  Lucky for our team, they were not in any immediate danger.

RWL Tent

If you look closely at the next two pictures, you will see a kind gentleman photo-bombing from his golf cart.  When our Pirate group arrived to what was supposed to be the rest stop #7 location, they were surprised to find a funeral and luncheon going on!  But, that didn’t deter them, they noticed Mr. E.H. Williams in his front yard, explained their situation, and he graciously allowed them to pitch their tent in his front yard.  Not only did he allow them to trespass on his property 🙂 but he was also so accommodating that he allowed our Pirate team to utilize his restroom AND later in the day, during a slow time, he took Penny and Sherry for an awesome golf-cart tour around his farm.  He was so generous….if you ever get a glimpse of our humble little blog Mr. Williams, we would like to extend our most sincere thanks!


A great time was had by all.  Our group felt both appreciated and inspired by the riders they interacted with.


It was a terrific experience for our Pirates, the 125 volunteers from across the state, and for the many wonderful riders who biked to raise $146,775.59  ($10,000 more than last year!!) for the Easter Seals UCP and the supportice servifces provided to children and adults with disabilities and mental health challenges in North Carolina and Virginia.  Mark your calendars, this is scheduled to be an annual event and there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities next year!!

Thanks to each of your for doing such a GREAT JOB!!

Go Pirates!!!


Side note – The event coordinator has taken a well-deserved vacation and will not be responding to emails until later this month.  Once he returns to work, I will ask how much money was raised for the Easter Seals and will post the amount on this blog post.