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The Buckley Form and a Student’s Health Information

FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974) guarantees certain rights to students.  A couple of these rights are:  the right to inspect and review their educational records, the right to seek to amend their educational records, and the right to limit the disclosure of their educational records.

East Carolina University can only provide confidential information about a student to a third party when the student completes the Buckley Form (accessed from his/her OneStop), and as long as the parent/guardian presents tax information demonstrating the student is claimed as a dependent. The Buckley Form only authorizes ECU to share information related to the student’s academic, judicial, and/or financial records (to a third party).  The Buckley Form does not permit ECU, or specifically Student Health Service, to release any medical or health information about a student/patient.

Similar to FERPA, HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which protects patient rights regarding personal health information.  Student Health Service’s medical records are completely confidential. In most situations, unless a student provides permission, we cannot disclose any health information to anyone, including parents, friends, or professors. There is a specific medical authorization form that must be completed by the patient in order for Student Health Service to provide health information to a third party.

Students can access the Buckley Form via Logging on to ONESTOP using your Pirate ID and Passphrase.

For more information, please visit,  If you have any questions specific to the Buckley Form, feel free to contact the ECU Office of the Registrar at 252-328-6747.

For more specific information about HIPAA and Student Health Service, please refer to

To complete an authorization form to use and disclose health information, please refer to

Also, feel free to contact ECU Student Health Service at 252-328-6841 with any questions.

Spring Break Schedule

Doctor showing clockSHS hours will vary from normal schedule around the week of Spring Break. 

Saturday/Sunday March 9th & 10th

Monday-Friday March 11th-15th
Appointments for medical care and our pharmacy services will be available 1:30pm-4:00pm. All other services will be available 8:00am-5:00pm with the exception of our lunch closing 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Saturday/Sunday March 16th & 17th

Normal spring semester hours resume Monday March 18th.

Don’t forget:  anytime SHS is closed, you still have access to medical advice.  Call 911 for emergencies, but if you just want to talk to a nurse about an issue, call 328-6841 and stay on the line to be transferred to our free, 24 hr nurse line. You can also find self care information for treating your problem on our self care page, or you can submit a question to

What’s the Best Diet for 2013?

It’s the start of the New Year, and your resolution may involve eating healthier or losing weight. Trying to decide on the best diet plan to help you achieve your goals? The U.S. News & World Report recently evaluated and ranked 29 diets with the input of a panel of health experts. The DASH Diet received top honors as the best overall diet. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension and was designed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to help individuals have better blood pressure control. It emphasizes getting adequate potassium, magnesium, calcium and fiber through lots of plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes) and low-fat dairy. The DASH Diet also promotes overall cardiovascular health, weight loss, and is good for people with diabetes too.

While we often don’t recommend “dieting” this is one diet that is good for you! Check out what other diet plans made the top of the list at

Don’t forget to discuss changes in your current diet with your physician or a Registered Dietitian! Student Health has Registered Dietitians that are available to discuss your individual needs. Call 328-6841 to schedule your free appointment!