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SHS and CCSD Services in the Summer

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Now that summer has come, many students are not taking classes but they would still like to utilize Student Health Service (SHS) or the Counseling Center (CCSD). Not in summer school? You may be eligible to still receive care at SHS & CCSD.

Did you just graduate? Congratulations! Due to anti-trust laws, SHS cannot continue to provide your healthcare, but we can 1) help you transfer your records to the office of your choice, 2) provide you with a list of local offices if you need help establishing care outside, or 3) we do have a 2 week grace period following graduation if you need to come in for a follow up of an existing problem (i.e. to get a medication refilled, or to finish up treatment for a particular problem or concern).

If you did not graduate, but are just not taking classes in summer school, you may still be eligible for care at SHS and/or CCSD. In order to qualify for services at SHS/CCSD in the summer when you are not taking classes,

          • you must have been enrolled this past spring AND
          • you must be registered for fall classes

If you meet those criteria, you can be seen at SHS for a special summer fee; services at CCSD are free. The summer fee for SHS is necessary because you are not taking classes for the summer or paying any tuition, so you are not paying the usual health fee.

There are 2 options for paying the summer fee for care at SHS:
Per visit fee $30.00
Need multiple visits? Pay $60.00 for unlimited visits per summer session.

Need care at CCSD? Services are free to students in the summer.

First summer session fees at SHS are charged May 15-June 20.
Second summer session fees at SHS are charged June 21-July 28.

Once summer classes end, the only option for care at SHS is $30 per visit from July 1-August 18. (please note: CCSD’s services may be limited during this period)

Questions?  Call SHS at (252) 328-6841 or CCSD at (252) 328-6661.

Have a healthy summer!


*updated 6/12/2017 to reflect that CCSD no longer charges a summer fee for services.