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May Intersession Hours and Fees

Now that spring semester is coming to a close, Student Health Service has a change in operating hours for the May Intersession period, May 7-May 11 for both SHS locations (Main Campus and Health Sciences Campus {HSC}).

  • Sat/Sun May 5-6: SHS is CLOSED. There are NO weekend hours in the   summer.
  • Monday, May 7: Both SHS are also closed for a staff development event.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday May 8-10*: both SHS locations are open from 1:30pm-5pm.
  • Friday May 11*: HSC SHS is open 7:30am-11:30am; Main Campus SHS is open 7:30am-5pm (Pharmacy open 7:30am-11:30am).

*A visit fee is required during this period to be seen as a patient at SHS. The fee is $30 per visit, in addition to any other charges you may incur during your appointment (lab, pharmacy, xray, etc). The reason there is a visit fee is because during intersession, no student fees are supporting campus services. We are open as a courtesy and convenience to students even when there are no classes, but your tuition and fees do not cover this period of service.

If you need care when SHS is not open, do not forget about our free 24 hour nurse line. Just call our main number below and wait on the line. This service is available to all ECU students.

For more information about our intersession hours or the visit fee for service, call us at (252) 328-6841.

Spring Break Hours of Operation

Whew! We’ve almost made it to Spring Break, Pirates!!!

Hours at both of our locations will vary from normal during Spring Break week–please check out the info below.

Saturday/Sunday March 3-4

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, March 5-6, 8-9
Open 1:30pm-5:00pm

Wednesday, March 7

Saturday/Sunday March 10-11


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, March 5-6, 8-9

Open 1:30pm-5:00pm

Wednesday, March 7


Don’t forget, even if SHS is closed you have access to our FREE 24hr nurse advice line if you are an enrolled student by calling (252) 328-6841. You can call it from Greenville, wherever home is if you go home on break, or wherever your path may lead during the break. Enjoy your break and be safe!!!

Turkey Week Hours

Gobble, gobble!

Due to the holiday week, SHS will have a change in our normal operating hours.

Monday/Tuesday, Nov. 20 & 21:  normal hours at main campus SHS and at Health Sciences SHS.

Wednesday, Nov. 22:  Main campus will be open 9:00am-11:45am and 1:30pm-5:00pm (closed 11:45am-1:30pm for lunch); HS SHS will be open 1:30pm-5:00pm.

Thursday, Nov. 23-Sunday, Nov. 26:  both locations are CLOSED.  Enjoy the holiday break!

Don’t forget:  any time SHS is closed, you still have access to medical advice.  Call 911 for emergencies, but if you just want to talk to a nurse about an issue, call (252) 328-6841 and stay on the line to be transferred to our free, 24 hr nurse line. You can also find self care information for treating your problem on our webpage, or you can submit a question to gotquestions@ecu.edu

Happy Thanksgiving Pirates!!!

Flu Shot Information

image of peedee the pirate with a "flu stops with me" sticker on

Student Health Services (SHS) is now scheduling appointments for flu shots in September/October for the 2017-2018 flu season.

Due to early deadlines for health sciences students, our appointments in September will primarily be offered through our SHS at the Health Sciences Student Center. Appointments for our Main Campus SHS are available for late September/early October.

Flu shots are available for ECU students, staff, and faculty. SHS offers the quadrivalent vaccine, which covers 4 strains (types) of influenza likely to circulate in the United States.

Those filing the Student Health Insurance Plan (StudentBlue), BlueCross BlueShield, and MedCost can receive the flu shot at no cost; all others will be charged $38.

To schedule a flu shot appointment for September/October, call us at (252) 328-6841 during normal business hours; appointment availability for November/December will be announced later in the fall.

Student Health Services at the Health Sciences Student Center!

We are excited to announce that our opening date for the new Student Health Services (SHS) at the Health Sciences Student Center IS NOW OPEN!!!

Our staff are excited to be able to get to know students on the Health Science Campus better and be available for medical services that are convenient to class, study space, and recreation opportunities. The new Health Sciences Student Center is a beautiful addition to the university.

Hours of operation for summer:

Monday/Wednesday 1pm-5pm
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 8am-noon

Hours of operation for fall:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1pm-5pm
Tuesday/Thursday 8am-1pm



2nd floor, Health Sciences Student Center

Things to know:

  • SHS will have various services to offer at the Health Science location, such as Primary Care (illnesses, injuries, physicals, annual wellness exams, wound care, gynecological visits, birth control services, medication refills) and Nursing Services (immunizations, titers, drug screens, TB skin tests, asymptomatic STI screenings, dressing changes, suture removals).
  • Appointments can easily be made by calling 252-328-6841 or in person. We hope to have online scheduling available soon.
  • Students are encouraged to make an appointment at our main campus clinic for: radiology, colposcopy, allergy injections, sexual assault exams, nutrition appointments, travel immunizations. (Due to space issues, we are unable to offer these services at our Health sciences location). Unsure if we can accommodate your need at the Health Sciences location? Just ask when you call to schedule your appointment.
  • Students who receive prescriptions at their visit can have them sent electronically to their pharmacy of choice. Of course, prescriptions can be sent to our main campus pharmacy if you would like your medications filled by SHS.
  • Students can receive care at either SHS location, regardless of academic program or area of study. SHS does not provide service for alumni, dependents, staff or faculty.
  • Any charges that are due will be charged to the University Cashier, as no money and credit cards will be accepted at the Health Sciences location. We will continue to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Student Blue (the Student Health Insurance Plan) and MedCost plans as we do at our main campus location.
  • All of our appointment and eligibility policies at main campus Student Health will apply to our location at Health Sciences. These policies include but are not limited to: ECU 1Card required for service, a fee for missed appointments, students arriving 10 minutes or more late will be asked to reschedule, etc. For a list of FAQs about our services, visit http://www.ecu.edu/cs-studentaffairs/studenthealth/about_us/questions.cfm

Do you have specific questions about our new location? Email us at gotquestions@ecu.edu

To schedule an appointment, call us at (252) 328-6841.

ECU Student Health Services