May Intersession Hours: May 12-16

Now that summer classes are over for most students, Student Health Service has a change in operating hours for the May Intersession, May 12-16.

Our office is closed Monday, May 12, for an all day staff development event.

Tuesday-Friday, May 13-16, Student Health is open for general business (dropping off forms, requesting medical records, general information) from 7:30am-12noon & 1pm-5pm.  Patient care hours (for appointments, dressing changes, pharmacy, etc) are 1:30pm-4pm daily.  We are closed Saturday/Sunday.  Please also note:  SHS is CLOSED from 12pm-1pm for the lunch hour daily.

A visit fee is required during this period to be seen as a patient at SHS.  The fee is $30 per visit, in addition to any other charges you may incur during your appointment (lab, pharmacy, xray, etc).  The reason there is a visit fee is because during intersession, no student fees are supporting campus services.  We are open as a courtesy and convenience to students even when there are no classes, but your tuition and fees do not cover this period of service.

If you need care when SHS is not open, do not forget about our free 24 hour nurse line.  Just call our main number below and wait on the line.  This service is available to all ECU students.

For more information about our intersession hours or the visit fee for service, call us at (252) 328-6841.

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What is Fast Track?

What is the Fast Track Clinic?

The Fast Track Clinic has been created to provide quick visits for STI (sexually transmitted infection) screening—we want to help & get you on the “fast track” back to your busy day.  There is no physical examination—just a few quick questions asked by a Registered Nurse, a trip to our lab & that is it!  Most visits take 15 minutes or less.

Who can use the Fast Track STI Clinic?
Because we want to keep visits very short and simple, we only perform STI screening on those students who are NOT experiencing any symptoms.  If you have bumps, sores, discharge, abdominal pain, pain with urination or other medical problems, or if you need a prescription for birth control, you need to make an appointment with a provider though our general clinic.  However, if any of the following applies, Fast Track is for you:

  • No symptoms, but you want a routine STI screen to help keep yourself healthy
  • No symptoms, but you are concerned about a sexual encounter that has occurred or you have a new partner (keep in mind, it takes at least 7 days for gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis to show up on a test and can take 3 months to detect HIV so make sure you do not test too early)
  • You were treated for gonorrhea/chlamydia with antibiotics and symptoms are gone but you want to make sure the medication was completely effective

What STI tests are done during a Fast Track screening visit?
Gonorrhea/Chlamydia                         obtained by urine sample                            $ 30.00
Syphilis                                                    obtained by blood sample                           $   9.00
HIV                                                           obtained by blood sample                                 free

 (we do not test for herpes or HPV/genital warts through Fast Track as those tests are only done if a person is having symptoms of those particular STIs.  If you think you have herpes or HPV, please make an appointment for our general clinic)  

How and when do I get my results?
Your results are confidential.   A notification will be sent through your Pirate email with directions on how to access your test results using your secure online Student Health account.  Typically results are available for gonorrhea/chlamydia and syphilis testing in 3- 5 business days.  HIV test results may take up to 1 week.

How do I use the Fast Track STI Clinic?
To make an appointment, call 328-6841, come in to our appointment office inside SHS, or go online to to schedule.  It is important that you do not urinate for at least 60 minutes prior to your appointment.  

If you have any further questions or concerns, call us at 328-6841 or visit


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sneezeFlu is here!

Activity is now high in North Carolina and we are seeing an increase of cases here at Student Health.

Signs of the flu:  sudden onset of fever, body aches, fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headache.  Rarely it can cause diarrhea or vomiting, but influenza and the “stomach flu” are NOT the same thing.  Flu makes you feel horrible, fast.   Like hit by a truck horrible.

What to do if you are sick:  stay away from others until you have been fever-free for 24 hrs without having to take fever reducing medication.  Take ibuprofen/tylenol for aches and fever, drink a lot of fluids, rest, and cover your sneezes and coughs with a tissue that you throw away. WASH YOUR HANDS.  Are you high risk for flu complications?  Read this and if applies, call us at 328-6841.

  • Do you need a friend to pick up food for you at the dining hall?  You can fill out this form and let your buddy grab you something to eat.
  • Do you need to let your professors know you are sick?  Log onto Onestop and use the “Flu Self Reporting Form”.  Be advised:  this is NOT an excuse.  But, it lets your professors know you are ill and they may work with you on missed work.

What to do if your roommate or someone you love is sick

If you aren’t sick, here are a few things to do to try to avoid the flu:

  • get a flu shot–although the best time to get vaccinated is early fall, it is not too late.  Student Health gave out of our supply in the fall, but you can go to any retail pharmacy (Target, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, etc) or check with the health department.
  • Avoid sick people–if your friend says they don’t feel well, maybe you should cancel that study session or lunch date.
  • Don’t eat, drink, or smoke after others.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth–we don’t realize how much we introduce germs into our system just by our habits.
  • Wash your hands way more than you think is necessary.  Also, alcohol based sanitizers do work against flu, so get you a bottle to keep in your bag.
  • Surfaces are gross–doorknobs, chair rails, keyboards, money, pens, phones, etc all can harbor flu virus particles.  Remember to clean your hands often especially after touching items others have used.

A few FAQ:

  • Does SHS test for flu?
    Yes, we can.  It is done by swabbing nasal secretions and costs $32.  But, in many cases, it is not helpful since the treatment for flu is based on symptoms, not test results, so your treatment is the same whether the test is negative or positive.
  • Should I see a doctor?
    In most cases, if you are healthy and have no underlying major medical issues like asthma, pregnancy, diabetes, HIV, heart conditions, cancer, etc, you do not need to see a health care provider since flu typically resolves on its own.  However, if you have severe symptoms or feel that you are not improving, you need to call your doctor or if you have an emergency, call 911.
  • If I have flu, do I need Tamiflu (antiviral medication)?
    Again, probably not.  Learn more here.  If you have a severe case, or are at high risk for complications, then your doctor will probably prescribe an anti-viral; however, low risk otherwise healthy people do not need prescription medication for flu.

Still have more flu related questions?  Email us at

Also, don’t forget: anytime we are not open, you always have the 24hr nurseline available to you for medical advice.  Call our main number, 328-6841, and listen to the instructions for speaking with a nurse.

Student Health continually monitors the flu situation.  Look to for updates and please follow us on Twitter (@ECU_SHS) for the most up to date information for campus!


Sources & web links for even more flu information:


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Winter Break 2013 Hours and Fees

Doctor showing clockStudent Health’s hours of operation will vary for the upcoming winter holiday break.

**Please note:  student fees do not cover services during University intersession breaks. Each SHS clinic visit is subject to a $30.00 fee from December 16-January 10.**

Sat/Sun, Dec. 14 and 15:  CLOSED
Monday December 16: Open 8am-12 noon and 1pm-5pm for general business (dropping off immunization records, filling out medical releases, etc.); patient care appointments and pharmacy services are only available 1:30-4pm.  Closed during 12pm-1pm lunch hour.
Tuesday December 17: We are closed 8am-1:30pm for a staff meeting. Open for general business 1:30pm-5pm; patient care appointments and pharmacy services are only available 1:30-4pm.
Wednesday December 18-Friday December 20: Open 8am-12 noon and 1pm-5pm for general business (dropping off immunization records, filling out medical releases, etc.); patient care appointments and pharmacy services are only available 1:30-4pm.  Closed during 12pm-1pm lunch hour.
Saturday December 21-Wednesday January 1:  CLOSED
Thursday January 2-Friday January 3: Open 8am-12 noon and 1pm-5pm for general business (dropping off immunization records, filling out medical releases, etc.); patient care appointments and pharmacy services are only available 1:30-4pm.  Closed during 12pm-1pm lunch hour.
Sat/Sun, Jan. 4 and 5:  CLOSED
Monday January 6-Friday January 10:  Open 8am-12 noon and 1pm-5pm for general business (dropping off immunization records, filling out medical releases, etc.); patient care appointments and pharmacy services are only available 1:30-4pm.  Closed during 12pm-1pm lunch hour.
Sat/Sun, Jan. 11 and 12:  Open 9:00-11:30am for urgent needs only.
Monday, Jan. 13Regular operating hours and appointment schedules resume

Don’t forget:  anytime SHS is closed, you still have access to medical advice.  Call 911 for emergencies, but if you just want to talk to a nurse about an issue, call 328-6841 and stay on the line to be transferred to our free, 24 hr nurse line. You can also find self care information for treating your problem on our webpage, or you can submit a question to

Have a wonderful holiday break, Pirates!!!

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Student Blue waiver/enrollment period for Spring/Summer 2014 now open!

InsWaiverBanner_1The waiver/enrollment system for Spring/Summer 2014 is now open through January 31, 2014.

To find out information about the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), including benefits, cost, eligibility, and how SHIP works with the student health fee, visit our Student Health Insurance page.

Need help deciding if SHIP is right for you/your student?  This short video may help you decide.

Brand new students will first need to create an account on Student Blue, using their Banner ID and date of birth, then proceed with the waiver or enrollment process.  Returning students should log in to their existing Student Blue account, using their e-mail address and the password they created for the account last semester.

Ready to waive out or enroll?  Click on the Student Blue logo below.

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Flu shot clinic for 10/24 canceled

Due to the cold temps today and the Dowdy Sidewalk Sale going on, we have canceled the flu clinic for today. Please see our remaining flu clinic dates in the post below, or call 328-6841 to schedule a flu shot appointment with our pharmacy.

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Don’t let the flu stop you!

Flu clinics are still ongoing around campus through early November, and we have flu shot appointments available through the pharmacy by calling 328-6841.

Don’t let the flu stop you!  Get you flu shot and help protect yourself and those around you from getting the flu.H1N1logo_PeeDee copy

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Summer Session Fees

Now that summer has come, many students are not taking classes but they would still like to utilize Student Health Service (SHS) or the Counseling Center (CCSD).  Not in summer school?  You may be eligible to still receive care at SHS & CCSD.

Did you just graduate?  Congratulations!  Due to anti-trust laws, SHS cannot continue to provide your healthcare, but we can 1) help you transfer your records to the office of your choice, 2) provide you with a list of local offices if you need help establishing care outside, or 3) we do have a 2 week grace period following graduation if you need to come in for a follow up of an existing problem (i.e. to get a medication refilled, or to finish up treatment for a particular problem or concern).

If you did not graduate, but are just not taking classes in summer school, you may still be eligible for care at SHS and/or CCSD.  In order to qualify for services at SHS/CCSD in the summer when you are not taking classes, you must have been enrolled this past spring AND you must be registered for fall classes.  If you meet those criteria, you can be seen at SHS/CCSD for a special summer fee.  The summer fee is necessary because you are not taking classes for the summer or paying any tuition, so you are not paying the usual health fee.  To pay the health fee for either SHS or CCSD service, stop by the Student Health Center.

There are 2 options for paying the summer fee for care at SHS:
Per visit fee $25.00
Need multiple visits? Pay $60.00 for unlimited visits per summer session.

Need care at CCSD?  One option is available:
$60.00 per session (the per visit fee is not available for CCSD service)

First summer session fees are charged May 14-June 19.
Second summer session fees are charged June 20-July 26.

Once summer classes end, the only option for the fee is $25 per visit from July 29-Aug 16. (CCSD’s services may be limited during this period)

Questions?  Call SHS at (252) 328-6841 or CCSD at (252) 328-6661.

Have a healthy summer!

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Information concerning the Student Health Insurance Plan for 2013-2014

studentbluejpgChanges to Insurance Plan for 2013-2014 School Year

The 2013-2014 Student Health Insurance Plan will be provided through Student Blue from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC).  The plan is still in the process of finalization and more information should be available by June 1st, 2013.

In the meantime, if you plan to attend ECU in the Fall 2013 semester, students and/or parents can click on the following link to the ECU section of the BCBSNC Student Blue website to sign up for email reminders from Student Blue when new information becomes available:

Information concerning insurance updates will also be available on the Student Health Service website. SHS will notify students via their ECU student email address when more information is available, to include waiver/enrollment deadlines, plan rates, benefits, etc.

Students who are currently participating in the 2012-2013 policy can continue to utilize the Chartis Educational Markets/AIG  website for claim information, to find a provider, etc.

Student Health Service
Insurance Department

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The Buckley Form and a Student’s Health Information

FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974) guarantees certain rights to students.  A couple of these rights are:  the right to inspect and review their educational records, the right to seek to amend their educational records, and the right to limit the disclosure of their educational records.

East Carolina University can only provide confidential information about a student to a third party when the student completes the Buckley Form (accessed from his/her OneStop), and as long as the parent/guardian presents tax information demonstrating the student is claimed as a dependent. The Buckley Form only authorizes ECU to share information related to the student’s academic, judicial, and/or financial records (to a third party).  The Buckley Form does not permit ECU, or specifically Student Health Service, to release any medical or health information about a student/patient.

Similar to FERPA, HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which protects patient rights regarding personal health information.  Student Health Service’s medical records are completely confidential. In most situations, unless a student provides permission, we cannot disclose any health information to anyone, including parents, friends, or professors. There is a specific medical authorization form that must be completed by the patient in order for Student Health Service to provide health information to a third party.

Students can access the Buckley Form via Logging on to ONESTOP using your Pirate ID and Passphrase.

For more information, please visit,  If you have any questions specific to the Buckley Form, feel free to contact the ECU Office of the Registrar at 252-328-6747.

For more specific information about HIPAA and Student Health Service, please refer to

To complete an authorization form to use and disclose health information, please refer to

Also, feel free to contact ECU Student Health Service at 252-328-6841 with any questions.

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