Why ECU is Great!

My name is Louis Joseph Cameron III and I am a sophomore, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Political Science. After I graduate I plan on going to graduate school to receive a Master’s degree in Higher Education/Student Affairs. Ultimately, I hope to return to East Carolina University and work in one of the various departments of the Student Affairs division.

The main thing I love about ECU is having the opportunity to be involved in so many different campus organizations and activities. An organization that keeps me very busy is our Student Government Organization. In this, I am an Undergraduate Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. My duty is to write bills and resolutions and submit them to the entire Senate and have them vote for or against it based on whether or not we think it will help improve student life. Being in SGA gives me the chance to work with some awesome student leaders, interact with more of the ECU community and also network with many professionals and administrators on campus. In doing this, I’m able to make more friends, create opportunities that will benefit me, provide service for my school and learn more about working in a college environment.

For future and current ECU students, I think it’s very important to know that college isn’t just a place to learn stuff and get a degree. It is about learning and graduating with a degree, but it’s also meeting people and preparing for life after college. There are so many different chances in college that will be advantageous to your career and life. In my opinion, if you do things in college the “right” way, you will have the best time of your life!

My Time At ECU!

You guys made the right choice in considering East Carolina University as one of your choices for a higher education.  My name is Abby Forman and I am a senior graduating in May 2012.  I am a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations and a Business Administration minor.  Coming from a small beach town in New Jersey, deciding to attend ECU was a drastic change from what I was used to.  However, it only took a week for me to be able to call this campus and the surrounding area became “home.”

There are so many wonderful opportunities ECU offers to its students that to name them all would be impossible.  One opportunity offered to me was an internship in New York City through the School of Communication.  I cannot say enough about the incredible experience I had.  During this internship, I was able to put my knowledge from the classroom to the test while working in a “real-world” job setting.  Not only was I able to utilize what I learned from the classroom and translate that into real work for a profitable company, but I was able to gain college credit for the internship as well. Overall, ECU gave me the knowledge I needed to perform successfully and acceptably at my job, helped me find the job that was fit for me, and then gave me 3 hours of credit for completing it.

It is unbelievable and hard to say that I am leaving this place in less than a year.  I have had the most incredible experiences and been given opportunities that I never would have thought possible.  Those opportunities have led me to become the Marketing and Public Affairs Intern at the ECU Office of Undergraduate Admissions.   I am confident that this new internship along with my many other experiences at ECU have prepared me for anything that comes my way in the future.