Working events to event planner?

My name is Anna. I’m a senior here at ECU and graduating next December. I’m a Hospitality Management major with hopes of becoming an event planner someday!

ECU was the only real choice as on where I was going to go for college. I applied to other schools (because you always’ need a backup plan) but I knew I wanted to come to ECU the moment I saw the campus for the first time. I liked how everything was convenient and close together. I worked at the Hilton as a banquet server, not exactly planning events but I learned a lot at work. I not only serve events, but now I set up for each event and break them down. A lot of things that I have learned at work, I learned in my classes later. This job and school put me on the fast track to gaining experience and knowledge in my field. I’ve worked about 10 Marine balls this month! I was lucky enough to work the ball that Mila Kunis attended! This was something that many might not get the chance to experience.


This is a picture of the ball she attended and the formal table settings.

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