Burnt Out

Hope you’re doing well and had a great Thanksgiving break.

I want to focus on in this post is getting burnt out and how to avoid it. As a college student, things can be more difficult than it was in high school. The work is more demanding, being involved takes up a bulk of your time and you must be able to have a healthy balance. Experiencing a burn out happens when you are constantly focused on working on one or more things, and you get sort of mentally or physically exhausted.

There are countless times where I’ve become burnt out. It can be easily remedied by taking some time for yourself and having a little fun. When I was younger, I used to never take naps. But now, I live for naps! College students are so involved that we need our rest.

It’s okay to be stressed out sometimes as long as it is something that you love. I love school, working and being involved in different organizations and activities. It keeps me busy and there are times that I stress over all that I have to di. But if I take breaks, it really is more manageable. After you’ve become rejuvenated, you feel like you can face the rest of the school year. I’m grateful for everything that I can do, but I’m also happy that I have the ability to take breaks and have some me time.

It’s important to keep busy and stay on top of things, but you should also realize when it’s time to take a break. Take time for yourself, hangout with friends, and have a good time.

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