End of the Semester

Hey everyone,

Hope all is well. Here at ECU we’re preparing for finals week, which can be pretty stressful since all your tests are in one week. This semester I have four, but they are pretty spread out which gives me a lot of opportunity to prepare myself for each. What I would reccommend for finals week is definitely to study in advance. There’s nothing worse than procrastinating and craming for such a big test, especially one that could make up a large percentage of your overall grade. Also, ECU has a pirate tutoring center that runs Monday-Thursday nights and caters to just about any class you need help with. The other thing I would suggest is forming a study group because it can take away a lot of the stress. Since my last post, I have been really busy with finishing projects and assignments for my classes, but Thanksgiving break came at a perfect time and was just what I needed to get my focus back. I flew home this time, which I will probably not be doing anytime again soon because I got stranded in the Charlotte airport for 12 hours on the way back! No one bothered to tell me that the connecting flight to Greenville was cancelled until i reached Charlotte. But sleeping in an airport was definitely an experience unlike any other. Besides that, it was great to be home and see family and friends. i will be going back on December 15th once finals are over. Christmas break will definitely be a relief to have almost a month off from classes.

Don’t forget to contact me if you need to ask any questions. My email is pragerj09@students.ecu.edu

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