Study habits

As the fall semester comes to a close and final grades have been posted, I feel it’s appropriate to take a moment and reflect. It’s vital that every student know how he or she is doing in classes and ensure that their GPA is in good standing. That might mean changing your study habits.


I’ve always struggled with studying because like many of you, I am a procrastinator! There would be times when I was trying to study but found the urge to check Facebook instead. Sometimes while reading my textbooks, I would get so distracted or bored that I would forget what I just read.


This past semester was a big change for me. I focused more on my work, used my planner, and went to the library. I also took advantage of my teacher’s office hours. I was determined to have a better outcome this semester. About two semesters ago, my GPA had dropped drastically. By making these changes, I was able to end the semester with a 3.8 GPA for Fall 2011.


If your grades aren’t how you’d like them, it will take hard work and dedication to improve them. If you’re not happy with your grades, it’s time for a change.

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